About Us

Cola Warrior was started in 2011 by former Marine Infantry Officer, RustedAce, as a small competition between a few dozen people . The layout was deceptively simple, do five obstacles, eat five peeps, field strip an AK, run half a mile, shoot a bunch of rifle and pistol targets, chug a six pack of cola. Sounds easy, then you try it.

In just a few short years Cola Warrior has expanded across the country. No matter where you go, the event stays true to the layout. The obstacles might change, some of the AKs are more beat up than others, the ranges are never the same, but you’ll try your best to chug when you’re done.

Cola Warrior is so much more than just a shooting competition or even a weekend with a bunch of cool people. It’s about losing your wallet and finding it days later with an extra $5 in it . It’s about dropping everything and helping someone half a state away move across the country. It’s about bringing the industry together and raising money for a little girl that just got diagnosed with cancer. It’s about a brotherhood that doesn’t end with the weekend.